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Milk production from grazed grass

Cows in milk:

The number of cows in milk today.

Average daily herd milk production:

The total milk produced on the farm including milk supplies to purchaser, milk fed to calves and milk used in the home today.

Average daily herd concentrate use:

The total amount of concentrates fed to the milking herd including straights fed as part of a buffer feed. Where wet feeds are used enter the fresh weight concentrate allowance.

Grass quality:

Make a simple judgement of the quality of grass (ME) to be grazed today.

Grass Quality

ME (MJ per kilo of dry matter)









Grass cover available:

Make a simple judgement of the pre-grazing grass cover (kilos of grass dry matter per hectare) to be grazed today.

Pre-grazing grass cover

Kilos of grass dry matter/ha

Very light grazing




Ideal grazing

3400 - 3700

Very heavy grazing



Post grazing grass cover:

Made a simple judgement of the post grazing grass cover (kilos of grass dry matter per hectare) following grazing today.

Post Grazing Grass Cover

Kilos of grass dry matter/ha

Very tight grazing



Ideal grazing



Very lax grazing


Clicking on this button allows the program to calculate your results.

  1. Average daily milk production per cow (litres per day).
  2. Average daily concentrates fed per cow (kilos per day)
  3. Estimated milk from grass per cow (litres per day)
  4. Estimated milk from forage is based on the assumption that all concentrates are used for milk production only and that grass is used for production and maintenance. It is assumed that 0.45 kg of concentrate provides the energy input to produce one litre of milk.
  5. Average grass dry matter intake per cow (kilos of grass dry matter per cow per day). The energy intake from grass sustains maintenance of the cow (75 MJ per day) and milk production (5 MJ per litre). A knowledge of the grass quality (ME) provides an estimated grass dry matter intake per cow.
  6. Average herd grass dry matter intake.
  7. Average herd dry matter intake is the total dry matter required to sustain the milk production and maintenance requirements of the herd.
  8. Grazing area required per day (hectares and acres per day). The area required to graze the milking herd for one day depends on the average herd dry matter intake and grass cover pre and post grazing.